Tyra Wins!

In honor of Election Day, I’m announcing the results of the first Alphabet City poll.  You voted for the next chapter you wanted to read—and the episode featuring Tyra Banks won in a landslide with 50% of the ballots cast.  So enjoy Episode 4: And Nothing But the Truth which in addition to the supermodel-cum-media-mogul includes my first run-in with PageSix courtesy of Liza Minnelli and an introduction to photo shoots courtesy of Cameron Diaz.

Make sure to read Episode 1 with Whoopi for a little background.  Here’s what happens in between:

* Episode 2—Jon Paul does battle with demons in Texas and then later with Japanese Power Rangers in New York, ultimately winning a fabulous Big Apple apartment

* Episode 3—Jon Paul’s work for a famous NYC Billionaire with food issues lands him a “date” with a guy named “Greasy” who owns an entertainment PR firm.  Jon Paul ends up with a job in celebrity publicity—something for which he has no background or training.

Cue Episode 4: And Nothing But the Truth.

Congrats Tyra on your electoral victory.  I hear Hilary Clinton is looking for some help in the Mid-East and Afghanistan.

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  1. mark testa

    fun read!

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