Kitchen Knightmares 2: Porky’s Revenge

Today on Alphabet City: Jon Paul does battle with his Pork Demons

Last week’s Kitchen Knightmares rancid pork disaster did little to dissuade me of my suspicion about the “other white meat.”  But with the deadline looming for me to prepare another meal for Chef Juan Pablo, I decided it best to try and climb back up on that pig.  Truthfully, I also happened to be in Whole Foods Union Square without a cell phone signal and was unable to call up any other recipes on my epicurious iPhone app.  So, I grabbed the one item seared in my brain—pork tenderloin.

In case you missed last week’s Kitchen Knightmares episode, this recipe for Pork Tenderloin Stir-Fry with Tangerines and Chili Sauce comes from the November issue of Bon Appétit.

Drum roll please.  A hit!  Even if I do say so myself—I completely forgot that Chef Juan Pablo was working late at an event that Whole Foods sponsors called Eat Sweat Blog.  So I’m home alone eating, sweating and blogging by myself.  And proud of myself for mastering the art of pork stir-fry cooking.


This one looked good and was edible, too.

Couple of notes on the recipe:

  • I used Clementines instead of tangerines because they are in season now and looked delicious and they tasted great.
  • I doubled the amount of Chinese Five Spice because the small bite I had last week didn’t have as much of a punch as this Texas native likes.  And boy did this one have a kick.
  • Last week, I only had Peanut Oil on hand but this week I used the recipe called for Sesame Oil and I do think that made a flavor difference (discounting the rotten meat flavor).

Overall, a big win for Kitchen Knightmares despite the fact that my favorite chef   wasn’t around for Judge’s Table.  I’m pretty sure this week I wouldn’t have been eliminated.  And now, I’m free to move on to cooking something else.

Now anyone out there have a recommendation for a good iPhone recipe/shopping list app?

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  1. My sister tried commenting with a recommendation for the Whole Foods iPhone app

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