Ding-Dong: Alphabet City calling!

Today on Alphabet City: Jon Paul calls out for help as he gets ready to crisscross the country pedaling his wares.

Alphabet City is recruiting dozens of friends and fans for a seriously fun mission—hosting Alphabet City Book Club House Parties with about 20 of their friends.  Coast-to-coast, I’ll consider any city, and most importantly, I plan on attending every event!  It’s a chance for you and your friends to get all those questions answered, including:

Preview of the book cover--thanks Sam Griffin!

  • Are Tyra’s boobs real?
  • What celebrities didn’t make it into the book?
  • How can I find the no-pants bar in Berlin or Babylon in Bangkok?

Plus, I’ll reveal salacious tidbits that got edited out for fear of lawsuits—like the down-on-her-luck celebrity with an eating disorder.  Or how I handle my mother reading about intimate details of my sex life.

Forget Pride & Prejudice—Jane Austen’s not coming to your house.  But I am! It’s like a Tupperware party with a humorous edge.

The wonderful thing about technology is that it’s allowing emerging artists to go directly to fans.  That’s not to say that it’s easy—you don’t just punch a button and boom you’re a published Kindle author.  There are all sorts of unimagined hic-cups.  But at the end of the day, it’s a blast being charge from top-to-bottom.

All right folks, the Alphabet City Book Club House Party Tour runs May-November 2010.  Now, I’ve got some books to sell.

Who’s going to step up and get the Alphabet City party started?


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9 responses to “Ding-Dong: Alphabet City calling!

  1. Jimmy

    sign Madison, WI up!

  2. Corie

    I want you to do Cincinnati – maybe we can figure out a way to tie it into a Ranch visit.

    • I was sort of counting on you and your sister – but didn’t want to impose with the baby coming and all…but maybe later this summer when you’re all settled. you’re my biggest blog reader, so of course I want to come to Cincy!

  3. ShannonP

    Hey JP –

    If you have more friends down here than just Ben and myself – I’ll be happy to host it. I can share this on FB as well to gain interest. Let me know if you want to add Raleigh to the schedule 🙂

    • Hey there! I’ll add Raleigh to the consideration list as the tour schedule shapes up! So much of the book will bring back memories for you! Excited that you’re reading along!

  4. Mandy smiley

    My mom and I are so doing this. I already have some friends recruited to attend and I am sure Pat and Jodi would come too! Haslet will be so excited to have you!!!

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