Amazon’s Velvet Rope

Today on Alphabet City: After Jon Paul’s book makes Amazon’s list of Hot New Releases (with a few caveats), he issues an appeal to fan-readers.

I’m on the list!  Well, Alphabet City: My So-Called Sitcom Life is on the list.  To what proverbial velvet rope might I be referring?  Amazon’s Hot New Releases: Gay Biographies & Memoirs, of course!  As of this morning, Alphabet City is #10, last night it was #9—somewhere below Oscar Wilde, Freddie Mercury and Rita Mae Brown, and above David Mixner and a book on Christopher Isherwood.  Not bad, I have to say.

To be honest, I have no idea how this list is put together—but hey, who am I to argue?  For a new author (with the mind of a publicist), the ranking is something I can hang my hat on and promote like hell.

Now, I’m not sure why the rankings change so quickly.  Last I checked, only 4 Kindle versions of Alphabet City had been purchased.  So if the list is based on sales, then I encourage more of you to buy Amazon’s e-version.  And those of you who have already read the book—in either print or Kindle version—help me out and write a mini-customer review of the book.  That will help my ego, if not my ranking.

Let me know you’ve posted a review—send me the link—and I’ll make sure to put you on the list—for the Alphabet City book party in late March.  You’ll whiz past the velvet rope in no time.


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2 responses to “Amazon’s Velvet Rope

  1. Jimmy

    Congrats! I just ordered my copy this morning. I imagine that will help you jump up at LEAST one spot in the rankings 🙂

  2. Beccarito

    I think on Amazon it might have something to do with reviews — I was going to mention this to you. The more 5 star reviews you get, the more you go up the ranks, I believe…

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