Where in the World is Alphabet City?

Today on Alphabet City: Jon Paul unleashes his inner game show host (or puzzle master) potentially giving a way fabulous prizes and merchandise.

Where in the world is the Kindle edition of Alphabet City posing by the Tanqueray cocktail?

Alright readers, get ready to play everyone’s new favorite Blog-a-Game-Show Where in the World is Alphabet City?  As I get ready to travel the world country on the coast-to-coast Book Club Party Tour, I decided to launch a quirky little puzzle.  I’ll post pictures of Alphabet City: My So-Called Sitcom Life in semi-iconic locales and provide a few clues to the spot.  Those that guess-post correctly will be chosen at random to win some kind of (hopefully fabulous) prize.

Let’s get started.  The first picture of the Amazon Kindle edition of the book is in a spot that actually has nothing to do with my book tour—but it’s exotic and I thought would be a terrific start.  While some think of the region as ground zero for rum, I discovered at the resort’s bar this refreshing cocktail called Cool Cucumber (recipe: Tanquerary 10, cucumber juice, lime juice—so smooth and uplifting the perfect pre-and-post tennis beverage).  The resort was built in the 1960s by a Rockefeller, and I mentioned its sister property in a post within the past week.  For a specially chosen tzotchke from the property, email me by 5pm EST March 16 the name of the resort at nycbucky@gmail.com.

Oh, extra points (and possibly an additional prize) for those who have read Alphabet City: My So-Called Sitcom Life and can tell me my connection to Tanqueray.

Good luck and good drinking!

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