Gay Pride Assistance

Today on Alphabet City: Jon Paul asks for restaurant advice while planning Book Tour Gay Pride celebrations!

Jimmy in Madison, WI correctly picked Little Dix Bay. My Bad Dog Frida tote is from a store in Madison!

And the winner of the inaugural Where in the World is Alphabet City? puzzle is…Jimmy of Madison, WI.  He cleverly googled-out that I was in Little Dix Bay, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands.  He also knew from the book that at one time I handled media relations for Tanqueray’s AIDS Rides.  So as a parting gift, Jimmy will receive a bottle of the resort’s scrumptious smelling Lemon Grapefruit lotion!  But that’s not all, Jimmy also is heading up operations for the Madison stop on the Alphabet City Book Club Party Tour where I will be hitting a number of cities during their Gay Pride celebrations!  And that’s where I need your help in order to get this party started.

For a special addition to the blog during book tour, I’m looking for nominations for the best restaurant in each tour stop cities to celebrate Gay Pride.  Doesn’t necessarily have to be gay-owned.  Perhaps it’s the hamburger joint where the cute lads and lassies hang out.  Maybe it’s near the parade route.  Or maybe it’s just your go-to Gay Pride spot.

In New York City, Chef and I always end up at Cowgirl Hall of Fame.  Every year on the Friday before the Parade, Chef likes to walk down Christopher Street, stop in for a drink at gay pride Ground Zero—Stonewall, and then end the evening sitting al fresco at Cowgirl.  While eating chicken-fried steak and swilling margaritas, he wishes “Happy Pride” to passing cuties.

Let me know your tips for the first stops in Boston, Philly, DC, LA, San Francisco, Portland, Chicago and New York.  With later stops in San Diego, Atlanta, Dallas, Austin, Miami and, of course, Madison where I’ll also be visiting the pet store Bad Dog Frida (Jimmy gave me a tote from the store that I carry while traveling).

Oh, and I forgot Lubbock.  That’s right, Lubbock.  A reader-fan CoCo in Texas lassoed me into appearing in her neck of the woods by sending me a suggestion about where I should take an iconic picture of Alphabet City in her city.  Sign me up!  So if you don’t see your neighborhood on the list, tell me about a gay pride restaurant or Kodak picture taking moment—and I’ll see about heading your way.  These boots are made for walking—and I’m ready to get the (gay pride) party started.

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