Reviews Are In: Boy Culture

Today on Alphabet City: Jon Paul enjoys some good reviews from Boy Culture.

A lovely fellow over at the engaging blog Boy Culture just posted a review of Alphabet City: My So-Called Sitcom LifeClick the link for the full experience, including comments from readers like “working with celebrities is a sure-fire way to have your soul sucked out of you. i’m looking for a way out.”  Below are some excerpts from the review:

Buchmeyer has a snappy writing style that mimics a fun BFF and is good at playing up the “could you believe this was happening to me?” angles of his encounters with the likes of Tyra Banks, Rosie O’Donnell, Whoopi Goldberg and quite a few more.  I really thought this had great potential to be obnoxious, but was proven wrong—it’s funny and not a little charming.

Boy Culture enjoys the part of the story involving my father, a famous federal judge.

I liked the early years of Buchmeyer’s story not only for this politically important aspect, but for the familiar asides about his obsessions with Mary Richards; his youthful illusions about what life would be like when he left home will ring bells for many gay men

Thanks Boy Culture.  I always knew there was a reason I liked boys.

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