Nominees Are

Today on Alphabet City: Jon Paul laments a pre-empted Indie Book Awards campaign, but delights in being called “Next Generation” .

What would Susan Lucci do?

The nominees for 2010 Next Generation Indie Book Award for outstanding performance by an author in GLBT category are…

Too late.  The race was over before it began.  And I didn’t even get to mount a no holes barred “I’m-in-it-to-win-it” awards crusade complete with glamorous schmoozing and dirty tricks—the hallmarks of any good Oscar campaign.  Nope, the Finalists (Alphabet City, Possessions, She’s My Dad, and Tomorrow May Be Too Late) and the winner (Torn) were announced at the same time.  Which means I wasn’t able to try out my fake I-Knew-It-Wasn’t-Going-To-Be-Me-Because-The-Other-Author-Truly-Deserves-It smile for the close-up.

Times like these, I ask myself, “What would Meryl Streep Susan Lucci do?”  Of course, give Entertainment Tonight’s Mary Hart a chin-up grin, “It’s just an honor to be nominated.”  Besides, being labeled part of the “Next Generation?”  At 41, I’ll take that any day.  That, and a special gold sticker to slap on the front of Alphabet City!  Hooray!

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