On the Edge & On the List

Today on Alphabet City: Jon Paul works overtime for his client—himself; the results leave him on Edge and on the List.

On Edge & On Gay List

Last night over Vlada’s Pomegranate infused vodka tonics (best deal in town at $4 a pop) with friend and NYT journalist Stuart Elliott (his column is must-read for anyone in advertising /PR), I bemoaned how dramatically life changes when you are your own publicist, when the client is yourself.  Whereas you might shrug off a rejection by a journalist when pitching, oh, I don’t know, say chicken or whiskey, when the product is you and your book Alphabet City: My So-Called Sitcom Life, everything becomes much more personal.  Which is why it’s extra gratifying when the work pays off—that extra phone call and email actually delivers—and you cross paths with writers and publications who take time to actually read the book and ask thoughtful and fun questions.

Today’s Alphabet City Read All About It Shout Out goes to Edge (Your Life…with an edge) and Gay List Daily (Put Some Gay In Your Day).  The taglines alone are clues to what a great fit they are for my sitcom life.  In “His Life as a Sit-Com,” Edge’s Maude Adjarian calls the book “uproarious and dishy” and includes a thorough Q&A with me.  Kudos to me for resisting the temptation everytime I spoke with Maude to sing her Bea Arthur’s ‘70s sitcom anthem “And then there’s Maude…”  In “BYOLT: Bring Your Own Laugh Track,” the boys over at Gay List Daily definitely put some gay in my day saying the book “ends with a chapter billed as the ‘series finale,’ which saddens us, because we’re sure there’s more to this guy’s zany gay adventures.”

Head on over to their sites and read the interviews/reviews in full.  And thanks for giving this publicist a break—his client is very happy.

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