Today on Alphabet City: Jon Paul’s book strikes a “genuinely funny” chord with 52Books.

Up at 4:30am to repack for the third time—books and outfit for Monday’s Good Morning Texas must go in carry-on in case of lost luggage—a sweet note arrived from a new friend adopted into my sitcom life.  Laura at 52Books.Tumblr.com, a NYC transplanted Texan like myself, had joined us for the Cinco de Mayo festivities and snagged a copy of Alphabet City for her blog’s yearlong reading project.  She had finished the book and posted her review.  Like her personality, Laura’s review is sweet and caring, here’s an excerpt.

It’s genuinely funny, as only someone who has seen the best and the worst of the city can portray…Jon Paul’s writing reminded me of all the things I love about New York. More importantly, he reminded me that it’s the people here, the relationships you make, that make it all worthwhile.

I love that what she connected with in the book was not necessarily the celebrity foibles, but the overarching story about following a dream and finding a new set of family and friends in the Big Apple.  And I’m lucky that the cast now includes her!  Read along with Laura on her book adventure—it’s like being a member of a secret book club!

Nice that new friend from Texas reviewed the book just as I head to Dallas for book tour.  Tune your internet browser to KNON 89.3 and listen to me Sunday May 16 at Noon Central Time / 1pm Alphabet City-NYC time on my friend David Taffet’s Lambda Weekly show—one of the first gay radio programs in the country when it debuted in 1983!

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