Sneak Peek: 40, Love

Today on Alphabet City: Jon Paul uses his summer break from book tour to work on his mid-life/season replacement 40, Love.

photo by Jamie Beck

It’s been a wonderful month off from book tour, allowing me to suffer enjoy New York City in the summer.  Taking advantage of our garden oasis for dinner under the twinkle lights, and writing al fresco.  You might have noticed that blog posts have slowed recently, probably assuming I might be falling into a lazier rhythm during the summer.  But not so.  In response to many on book tour who wanted to know if there would be a follow-up, a sequel, the answer is ABSOLUTELY – I’m flattered you asked and are interested.  I’ve taken time during my mini-break to start work on it, and thought I’d share with you what’s in store in 40, Love.  Here’s a little summary from my pitch:

40, Love picks up where Alphabet City left off: Jon Paul as gay Mary Tyler Moore—in therapy and facing a possible midlife crisis.  While Alphabet City details his zany adventures as a publicist for Tyra, Whoopi and magazine giant Condé Nast, Jon Paul’s new book 40, Love follows the transplanted Texan’s battle to overcome life’s roadblocks by learning to love himself at (almost) middle age.

After a successful run as the lead character in what he thought of as a sitcom life set in the East Village, Jon Paul purchases a brownstone in Upper Manhattan thanks to a big salary from a new high-powered publicity job.  Soon enough, Jon Paul faces a series of mounting problems: his tormented relationship with his famous Texas father rears its ugly head; his new career isn’t what it’s cracked up to be; and jealousy about his partner’s tight-knit Latino family threatens to break them apart.

Worried that his sitcom life storylines have veered off-track, Jon Paul takes a cue from other New Yorkers and heads to therapy.  While learning to conquer old familial demons, Jon Paul charts an alternative career path, confronts weight issues, expands his cooking repertoire, returns to the tennis court, suffers painful beauty treatments, dives into the tattoo underworld, tests sexual boundaries, saves his relationship, embraces his South of the Border in-laws, worries about gay marriage, announces his engagement, considers becoming a parent, and celebrates two 40th birthdays—all with the wit, charm and optimism of his ‘70s TV idol.

Once again, just like Mary, he discovers he’s going to make it after all.

But first, I’m back out on the road with the Alphabet City Book Party Tour – Part 2.  Friends in Texas are pulling out all the stops in Lubbock where one of my biggest blog readers Co Co has me all set-up for an event at Identity Ink Tattoo. Chef is worried I might come back with yet another tattoo—and he might be right.  Later, in Austin, dear friends Valerie and Philippa are pulling out all the stops with events filled with media luminaries and must-read authors.

A new review is definitely getting me back in touring mode—my new friend Kimmie, editor in chief of lifestyle blog Kitten Lounge, has been singing Alphabet City praises

As I read this book on the plane I found myself laughing and relating to many of the mishaps that he goes through and you also get a sense of NYC in a time before I arrived…Being someone who came from Indiana and moved out here to make it big and my mark, I knew that there would be some great stories…Much like Devil Wears Prada allows us to live in the splashy world of glitz and glamour while seeing the sacrifices that are being made by the newbie, Jon Paul shares these struggles as well. This is definitely a book that I would suggest reading and in fact, I passed mine along to my bestie who had heard me talk so much about this book as it’s a great read! If you enjoy Mary Tyler Moore as much as Jon Paul and I do, then you will love his references even more!

Kimmie, a gorgeous former lingerie and swimsuit model, has promised to take a picture of her reading Alphabet City poolside in a bikini at Las Vegas’ The Venetian next week.  I’m holding her to that—that picture could be golden in convincing publishers that the audience for Alphabet City and 40, Love isn’t just gay guys but includes women.

Hell, with a picture like that, I might even pick up some straight guys.  Fingers crossed.

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  1. I love it and I am SO taking pics – it doesn’t take much for me to jump into a picture haha!

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