Destination: Taste

Today on Alphabet City: JP taps his globetrotting experience to write a new column for

I promise to tell much more about how I was handpicked to be the travel expert for, the leading online gay wedding planning site, but right now I’m busy finding out if “Everyone’s Gay in Amsterdam” and touring Dutch wedding venues.  So here’s a snippet of my first in a series of columns called “Destination: Taste”—that includes great planning advice for even hetero couples.  Click the link below for more.

Whenever my friends get engaged, I’m typically the 7th person they contact with the good news. My name appears on their call sheet sometime after the gushing parents or supportive siblings followed by the (un)lucky chosen ones in the wedding party. Sometime during the lull in our conversation, right after I’ve said, “That’s so wonderful!” I know exactly what’s coming next. The real reason behind the call is the question, “Where we should go on honeymoon?”

Click here to read the full column on

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