Amsterdam Emotion.Bread

In my latest post for, I uncover a clever addition to your gay (or straight) wedding.  Here’s an excerpt:

Swans mate for life as captured in this emotion.bread

Just like fashion designers are often inspired by overseas travels, my wedding and event planning tips are informed by my tastey gay getaways. Amsterdam was no exception—and no, I’m not talking about the infamous coffee shops and Red Light District. In the revitalizing neighborhood of Westerpark, I met up with artist-chefs-innovators Marjolein Wintjes and Eric Meursing at their De Culinaire Werkplaats, a design studio, restaurant, store and more for food concepts.

CLICK HERE to read more about Marjolein’s concept of making bread the centerpiece of sharing for life’s sweet and savory moments like “always together breads”—for (gay) weddings.

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