Green Globe Trekker: Caribbean Goes Organic

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6 responses to “Green Globe Trekker: Caribbean Goes Organic

  1. Ed McGee

    I just read your article in Bon Appetit and your wonderful description of the tamarind sorbet. Alas, that recipe wasn’t included after the article. I’ve asked Bon Appetit RSVP to see if they can track it down, but do you have it or can you get it? Thanks.

    • Ed, glad you enjoyed the piece. Let me see what I can do to get you the tamarind sorbet. But only if you make some extra for me!

      • Ed – here’s the recipe for the Tamarind Sorbet I was able to secure from Little Dix Bay. Now it’s for a commercial operation so you’ll have to adapt to your own needs. But it should be relatively easy to adapt. You might be able to find tamarind paste or some type of canned tamarind at a high end food store like Whole Foods. One of the tricks seems to be to add fresh ginger to the simple syrup – what gives it the “smack”

        Good luck,
        Jon Paul

        Tamarind Sorbet
        For 1 gallon of sorbet
        1 l Tamarind puree (see recipe below)
        2 l Simple syrup (See recipe below)

        Pour the above two items in an ice cream machine and continue until right consistency is achieved. Can be consumed right away.

        Tamarind Puree
        4 lbs Fresh Tamarind (ripe), peeled
        1 l Water

        Boil water and tamarind together for half hour. Strain the mixture. And collect the pulp/ puree

        Simple syrup
        1 lb Sugar
        2 l Water
        1″ pc fresh Ginger, smashed

        Simmer the mixture, achieve single string consistency.

  2. Matt

    JPB – Loved the article in Bon Appetit. Quick question about the ‘Cruise Line Customization’, Holland America doesn’t seem to know they offer an organic menu… The very pleasant although slightly challenged 12 to 13 year old kindly informed me, they could not do vegan, but could do gluten free. I asked again about organic and she said ‘oh no, that would too expensive”….
    Any suggestions?

    • Matt–thanks for writing, although I’m sorry you’re having troubles with Holland America. I’ve reached out to my contacts there again to get more clarification, and hopefully help solve the situation. In the meantime, here’s exactly what the spokesperson emailed me when researching the story:

      “Thank you for your query regarding organic food. While we do not provide organic food aboard our ships if a guest wishes organic meals, all she or he needs to do is to place the request at time of booking and we will accommodate. Wishing you smooth sailing in all your endeavors today.”

      Let’s hope they get back to me soon so we can get your ship into smoother organic waters!

      • This just in from Holland America’s spokesperson:
        “Holland America Line strives to accommodate guest special requests whenever possible. For any specialty meals requested (organic, vegan, gluten-free, kosher, Indian, etc.) guests planning to sail can submit their request prior to sailing (we request 90 days). We then work with them to honor their requests as best we can. We always have a vegetarian menu available without prior request. ”
        They say they are going to be in touch with you directly as well.
        Let me know how it goes!

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