40, Love: 2010 POPtimistic Sign-Off

Today on 40, Love: Jon Paul scores himself on how well he kept 2010 Resolutions.

Things are winding down for the year, and despite the post-blizzard sludge piling up outside my door, I’m feeling, well, POPtimistic.  What a tremendous journey it has been—much of it tracked, and commented, and sponsored right here.  About this time last year, I posted my resolutions for the year (I’m a planner and a Capricorn and love that stuff).  And so, as we all engage in a little navel gazing this time of year (I’ve literally done pretty well in that department losing more weight)—thought I’d take a few moments to complete a score card.

2010 Resolutions:

Alphabet City—Publish & Sell 300 Copies. Report: Hooray! Not only did this happen, but I blew that goal out of the water—that’s the genius of setting attainable goals.  At last count, about 1200 copies were sold, and even better, I got to meet many of you personally this past year.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everyone who helped me.  And I even picked up an agent along the way—a bonus!

Sell 4 stories this year. Report: Done.  Highlights: check out the current feature in Bon Appétit on Caribbean resorts and organic gardening, and coming up in that publication an interview with designer Adam Tihany.  Keep your eyes peeled for Condé Nast Traveler’s March issue with my story on drug-trafficking crime’s affect on tourism.  Special kudos to Dana, the best friend and editor a guy could have.

Find blog rhythm—3 posts/week? Report: Pretty good.  This time last year I was posting every day and got a little tired.  But things hit a pretty even rhythm with the development of some new branded columns like Tex and the City (culture) and Green Globe Trekker (travel).

SPANISH! SPANISH! SPANISH! Report: Bad! Bad! Bad!  It all started so well with my daily use of Rosetta stone.  And then the book tour happened…and well, I could blame a lot of things.  But no one’s perfect—this one goes back on the list, and I’ll keep trying.

Two proud papas

WEIGHT—break the 140s barrier—25 pounds?! Report: Good.  Okay, I’m nowhere near getting into the 140s.  But at soon to be 42, that may just be impossible for me.  We’ll see.  Many of you worried that was way too much—but it was a goal.  One thing the resolution did was push me to start running—and that leaned out my body more than anything.  So I’ll keep that up, and see what happens.  I’m proud of my body right now—and that’s what counts, right?

Adapt Alphabet City—performance, play, MUSICAL!! Report: Whoa, slow down, fella.  That’s one of those “what was I thinking?” resolutions.  I still like the idea, so I’ll keep it in the mix.  But maybe for the future.

NEW PROJECT: new blog 40, Love or Kids Book. Report: All systems go.  This one is well underway.  40, Love as a book is happening.  But even more exciting right now is a project with Chef called Service Entrance—the crazy stories about life as a personal chef for NY’s wealthiest and craziest families.  Stay tuned.

KEEP ON COOKINReport: Reasonably well.  I haven’t checked in with Chef on this one yet.  But I definitely didn’t STOP cooking.  So I think I earn some points.

PAY OFF DEBT—Student Loans?! Report: Mediocre, at best.  But again, I’m working on it.  Sometimes life takes you in unexpected directions (like the collapse of income from your PR/marketing business) that makes things tough.  But it’s on my radar screen.

FOCUS ON FUN: Improv & Tennis. Report: OUTSTANDING.  And this goes WAY beyond Improv (2 classes, and just signed up for another) & Tennis.  This year’s journey was indescribably fun.

So, much love to all of you for helping me tackle these resolutions.  And thank you for sticking with me, giving me the courage to pursue my dream of a being a full-time writer and blogger.  Here’s to a fresh, frank, fun POPtimistic life in the new year!

POPtimistically yours,


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