Press Materials

Looking for more information for a story on Jon Paul Buchmeyer and Alphabet City: My-So Called Sitcom Life?  You’ve come to the write right place.  Click on links below for press releases.  For links to photos and images, including hi-res, please email a request to nycbucky {at}

Alphabet City One-Page Overview Press Release: The basics of the book, the tour and Alphabet City Book Party-in-a-Box.  ABCityRelease050410

Alphabet City Backgrounder Press Release: Jon Paul’s journey to create & market the book as a “writer-preneur;” info on sponsors Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants and National Gay and Lesbian Task Force. ABCBackgrounder050410

Alphabet City & Kimpton Hotels: Gay Mary Tyler Moore helps Kimpton Hotels celebrate Gay Pride.  ABCityKimpton050710

Alphabet City Book Tour—Individual Cities: press releases specific to each tour city.  ABCDFWBookClubRel042010 ABCMiami050410 ABCityBoston050510 ABCityPhilly050610

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