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Going Rogue

Today on Alphabet City: Jon Paul wonders about his readers’ preferences.

First, the good news: Barnesandnoble.com now has Alphabet City available for $13.48—10% off the cover price.  Sweet.  But now, the odd news: evidently, customers who purchased Alphabet City on BN.com also bought Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue.  I’m sorry—really?

Now, I’m the first to admit that when the Alaska “governor” burst onto the national scene unexpectedly I had a little gay guy crush on her.  Or well, maybe I had the hots for Tina Fey’s version of her.  And let’s be honest, she was decked out in all those suits from my hometown retailer Neiman Marcus—clearly she was after my Dallas heart.  But now, enough is enough.

Curiously, I then flipped to Amazon.com to see a similar listing of readers’ preferences.  What a little relief—customers who purchased Alphabet City on Amazon.com also bought Game Change.  Now there’s a book I can get into—and have.  It’s an incredibly fascinating and fast-paced inside look at all the personalities in the last election.  If I were still teaching government at my alma mater Greenhill (shout out to Bryan, my former student-now good friend hosting a NYC Book Club Party for me), I’d put this book on the required reading list.

At the end of the day, I love that Alphabet City fans are such a diverse bunch.  My first Book Club Party stop is in Southlake, TX, a suburb of Dallas where I will be speaking to the TCU Chi Omega Sorority Alumni Group Book Club (shout out to Mandy for organizing that—I’m super excited!).  And now I have a new cheeky topic to add to that appearance—what do the sorority sisters think about ‘going rogue’ in Alphabet City?  Don’t worry Mandy, I promise to behave.

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Reviews Are In!

Back in PageSix!

Today on Alphabet City: Jon Paul solicits criticism from his fans.

The reviews are in!  Well, not yet, actually.  That’s where you come in.  Alphabet City: My So-Called Sitcom Life is recruiting “citizen book critics” to post some comments on Lulu and Amazon.  Head on over to those sites and tell the world your thoughts on my journey.  Was there a moment that made you laugh?  Cry?  Something you wish I’d done more of?  Less?  (Semi-unrelated sidebar: currently at #4 on Amazon’s Hot New Release-Gay Memoir list–just above Rita Mae Brown?!)

Email me a link to your post or a copy of your tasty morsel from now through March 17 at nycbucky@gmail.com, and as a thank-you several chosen budding book reviewers will receive Alphabet City ephemera.  Maybe a Mary Tyler Moore DVD.  Or a Tyra “InsideOut” book (unsigned).  Sorry, no Whoopi Oscar available (currently).

And don’t worry.  I can take your criticism.  After the storm of controversy surrounding the Tyra’s Olestra intolerance, I’m pretty hardened.  In the midst of the craziness, Jamie at FromMe-ToYou.Tumblr.com reminded me what Andy Warhol said,

Don’t pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches.

Words to live by, in so many situations.  My ruler is standing by, ready for action.

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Amazon’s Velvet Rope

Today on Alphabet City: After Jon Paul’s book makes Amazon’s list of Hot New Releases (with a few caveats), he issues an appeal to fan-readers.

I’m on the list!  Well, Alphabet City: My So-Called Sitcom Life is on the list.  To what proverbial velvet rope might I be referring?  Amazon’s Hot New Releases: Gay Biographies & Memoirs, of course!  As of this morning, Alphabet City is #10, last night it was #9—somewhere below Oscar Wilde, Freddie Mercury and Rita Mae Brown, and above David Mixner and a book on Christopher Isherwood.  Not bad, I have to say.

To be honest, I have no idea how this list is put together—but hey, who am I to argue?  For a new author (with the mind of a publicist), the ranking is something I can hang my hat on and promote like hell.

Now, I’m not sure why the rankings change so quickly.  Last I checked, only 4 Kindle versions of Alphabet City had been purchased.  So if the list is based on sales, then I encourage more of you to buy Amazon’s e-version.  And those of you who have already read the book—in either print or Kindle version—help me out and write a mini-customer review of the book.  That will help my ego, if not my ranking.

Let me know you’ve posted a review—send me the link—and I’ll make sure to put you on the list—for the Alphabet City book party in late March.  You’ll whiz past the velvet rope in no time.


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