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23 Reasons to Love My Readers

Today on Alphabet City: As the countdown to the new Poptimistic blog begins, Jon Paul looks back at the 23 Most Popular Alphabet City Posts of 2010.

Thank you to the thousands of readers from around the globe who have spent time in Alphabet City.  You’re a diverse bunch with varied tastes—from eco-friendly travel to gay hook-up apps—there’s been a little bit of something for everyone in 2010.  And you’re always surprising me—I mean who knew there were so many Glee fans in Brunei?  In case you’ve missed some of the favorites, I’ve pulled together the Top 23 for you—a little primer on what your fellow Alphabet Citizens have enjoyed.  Why 23?  Because it’s a funny number.  Let me know—did your favorites make the cut?

#1 40, Love: Glee Bargain I’d like to think that my take on Fox TV’s hit show Glee and the producer’s difficulty in portraying Kurt in a more realistic light hit a nerve with the blog-o-sphere.  But judging from the Google searches that linked to the post, I honestly think folks were searching for pictures of cute gay high school student Blaine.  Maybe a channel dedicated to my thoughts on the show is in order?  I think I’d call it KurtiousGLEE.

#2 40, Love: Hello, Meat Grindr No surprise that sex sells, especially to gay boys on the prowl.  My humorous take using the hook-up site during jury duty is one of ABCityblog’s perennial favorites.

A chance encounter with photographer Jamie Beck lead to my favorite Alphabet City publicity shot!

#3 BizSavvyBlogger’s Peek-A-Blog: From Me To You Out of a chance encounter in the blogosphere—courtesy of Whole Foods—blossomed a fun friendship with phenomenal photographer.  The result has been spectacular pictures of me, Chef and our home.  This post gives a peek behind her stylish blog.

#4 Alphabet City’s Episode 1: Whoopi A crazy cat and a mishap with her Oscar, make my encounter with Whoopi a perennial favorite—and the perfect opening to Alphabet City.

#5 BizSavvyBlogger’s Peek-A-Blog: PerrinPost.truth.travel For years travelers have been religiously following the advice of Condé Nast Traveler’s Wendy Perrin.  In this post, I get my longtime friend to dish about how her print job keeps her from blogging 24/7 and what that means for PR folks.

Another Jamie Beck captured moment

#6 40, Love: Tattoo Police I’m an exhibitionist at heart, so I take every chance to show off my tattoos—even on the blog.  According to Google, many people are worried about being “booked” in this tattoo database.

#7 Alphabet City’s: One Night in Bangkok Okay, I’ll admit that I was pandering to my readers with, shall we say, more prurient interests by posting this scandalous excerpt from Alphabet City about a gay sex palace in Bangkok.  But it has one of my favorite comic lines, ever.

#8 Green Globe Trekker: Blue Bahama Mama Thankfully, my readers have rather diverse tastes—especially for eco-travel.  In advance of my panel at Condé Nast Traveler’s World Savers Congress in Singapore, I get the green scoop on The Atlantis.

#9 Kitchen Knightmares: Something Fishy Moroccan Halibut and Carrots from a Bon Appétit recipe is the star of this post—the top viewed recipe related story.

#10 Alphabet City’s Alpha-Beltway This entry is the most-read post related to the Alphabet City Book Tour. While in DC, I get an insider perspective courtesy of old friends, have nauseating John Boehner sighting, and wonder what happened to my favorite Rosalynn Carter outfit.

#11(tie) Tex and the City: Lela & BA Café MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts makes a guest appearance in this post, sharing a picture of his taxi driver’s name Ram Amandeep.  Read it aloud.  That name has become the #2 Google search directing traffic my way.  The first?  “Glee Blaine.”  There’s a joke there, but for now, I’m going to refrain.


40, Love: Virgin Queen My first time with a woman—first time getting a tattoo, of course.  Next to sex, tattoos sells.  I guess they are related in a way.

#13 Kitchen Knightmares: Kiss My Grits After meeting Chef Marcus Samuelsson at a Kraft-sponsored event, I’ll admit developing a little crush.  Will his next restaurant be in Washington Heights?

#14(tie) Alphabet City’s Even Jesus Had a Publicist A rejection from a literary agent who thinks the general public won’t know what a “publicist” does provides an opportunity to excerpt from Alphabet City.


Alphabet City’s Episode 4: Tyra, And Nothing But the Truth Before she was America’s next top media mogul, she was grazing the breakfast buffet and quizzing me about my sexuality.

#16 Alphabet City’s First Excerpt from Episode 13: Happy Soul The online encounter that changed my life.

#17 40, Love: Justice Jo(h)n Paul Unearthing a letter from his father’s papers, I pay tribute to Supreme Court Justice John Paul.

#18 Alphabet City’s First Excerpt from Episode 14: And Baby Makes Three A heartbreaking farewell to a special cast member.  Pet lovers won’t be able to read without crying.

Outside Hanoi's Golden Cock

#19 Green Globe Trekker: iPho Vietnam—Motorbikes & Golden Cock While I’d like to think it’s my lovely description of Viet Nam that makes this post a standout, I believe the name of Hanoi’s gay bar is what calls out to many in their Google searches.

#20(tie) 40, Love: Share, and Cher alike AND Kitchen Knightmares: The Premiere The launch of my cooking show with a nightmare of rancid pork is as compelling to readers as my fighting with neighbors and their kids at the local CSA food pick-up spot.

#22 Tex and the City: The Parent Trap Confronting the question of “are you guys going to have kids?,” I turn to theater reviews for help.

#23 Green Globe Trekker: Costa Rican Eco-Luxe Many of the travel industry’s most pressing sustainability questions have been answered by the Costa Rican trendsetting company Cayuga Sustainable Hospitality.

Jicaro property

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Gary Tyler Moore

For Gary Tyler Moore, love is all around

Today on Alphabet City: Jon Paul welcomes a new alter ego into his life.

There’s a power in naming things.  And this week, in the midst of media training for my upcoming book tour appearances, Susan was pointing out the number of times I say “gay Mary Tyler Moore” in my messages—when she accidently called me Gary Tyler Moore.  We both looked at each other in astonishment at the genius of the flub—finally, a name for my alter ego.  Gary Tyler Moore—you know, Mary’s gay brother?

Die-hard fans of my cult film GayTV: The Movie will recognize that last line as an homage to the character Marty Stewart, you know, Martha’s gay brother.

Giving birth to Gary couldn’t come at more opportune time because he’s been very busy—what with book tour beginning this weekend, and all.  He’s a jack of all-trades really.  A promotional photo shoot inspired by his sister Mary (hat toss and all) on the real streets of Alphabet City with genius photographer Jamie Beck of FromMe-ToYou.Tumblr.com was followed by filling orders for independent bookstores across the country to carry Alphabet City.  Please frequent stores like Legacy Books/DFW, Books & Books/Miami, Giovanni’s Room/Philadelphia, Obelisk/San Diego, and Cahoots Cards & Gifts/Salt Lake City—Gary is totally intrigued by this last one and is talking to me about arranging a tour date there!  More bookstores are signing up daily!

Gary’s day ended with performances as a Cher Impersonator and Sammy the Investigator—a potty-mouthed, washed-up kiddie TV performer done in by Dora the Explorer and her f*ckin map.  And that’s just a taste of what was on stage last at the Level 2 graduation performance at The Pit under the direction of Kevin Scott—whose own improv troupe Centralia Gary and I both agree borders on genius.

Over the next several weeks, Gary and I will be crossing the country on book tour sponsored by Kimpton Hotels and the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force—read along for recaps of life on the road, links to press coverage, and travel tips on tour cities.  Dallas, here we come!

Gary Tyler Moore is ready to turn the world on with his smile.

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Cinco de Mayo

Today on Alphabet City: Fabulous photos of a Cinco de Mayo fiesta courtesy of Jamie, FromMe-ToYou.Tumblr.com

The phenomenally talented fellow Texan Jamie of FromMe-ToYou.Tumblr.com just gave us all a gift—her beautiful photos of this past weekend’s Alphabet City/Cinco de Mayo celebration.  Here is just a taste, but for the full present, head over to her site!

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Today on Alphabet City: Jon Paul celebrates book tour launch Cinco de Mayo style with some new Tex-Pat blogger friends.  Guest stars: Homesicktexan, 52books, FromMe-ToYou

FromMe-ToYou Jamie inspired by Frida Kahlo

Texans living in New York are a curious breed.  While we chose to run away from life in the Lone Star state for a chance to prosper in the Big Apple Circus, we invariably harbor nostalgic feelings for our homeland.  Despite the fact that there’s something missing from our Texas experience—something different for each of us that made follow our dream up North—we invariably act as if it’s the greatest spot on earth.  We wear our passion for Texas on our sleeve, or on a t-shirt, and breathe a sigh of relief when we meet others in the (T)ex-pat club.  It never seems to matter that if we met each other in Texas we would have divisive issues like Dallas vs. Houston or UT vs. A&M.  All that melts away on the mean streets of Manhattan where we all agree that Austin is amazing and none of us voted for George Bush.  We’re instant members of a Lone Star Alumni Association, every bit as clubby as those Ivy League snobs.

Paloma Picasso in Behind-the-scenes photos from the book

When I first moved to New York in 1996, I primarily met other Texans through friends or at parties.  But in the age of social networking, I’m meeting this powerful posse online—and we are still as supportive as ever.  I’ve written about my chance encounter with FromMe-ToYou.Tumblr.com’s Jamie whose photography I adore.  And as I continue to expand my network as I get out word about my book Alphabet City: My So-Called Sitcom Life I just starting reaching out to fellow Texas bloggers who might enjoy my tale of moving to Manhattan as a gay Mary Tyler Moore.  Mind you, these are folks I’ve never met, or spoken to, but when they got an invitation to a Cinco de Mayo inspired celebration of a book by a fellow Texan—they were in!  I love that sense of adventure—and trust—that our shared love/hate from our home state must make us peas in a pod.

Mexican Chef and Homesicktexan

So this past Sunday, I was thrilled to meet Lisa from Homesicktexan.com whose recipes are wonderful reminders of the kind of cooking hard to find north of the Red River.  She showed up with a hostess gift of homemade Bacon Jam—a Texas girl after my own heart.  She told me that people are constantly asking her if she’s moving back to Texas.

“If I did that, I wouldn’t be the Homesick Texan anymore.  What would I write?” she laughed.  Her popular blog is indeed so engaging, it would be a loss for all of us readers.

I wish Frida would start her own blog

Another new instant-Texas buddy is Laura from 52books.tumblr.com, a fun blog that chronicles her one book a week review project that has developed a huge following.

“It’s funny, I started the blog really as a way to keep in touch with my Dad in Texas who is a huge reader.  And then it just took off!” she said in that classic aw-shucks but totally proud Texas way.

Naturally, we don’t all just talk Texas turkey all the time.  Once we get out of the way the classic “no way, your grandparents lived in Wortham?  My uncle ran the hospital down the road in Mexia!” chatter, we move on topics more important like addiction to Wendy Williams and Glee.

Invariably, talk turns to how we’ve adopted some Yankee ways.  And for me, that means adding dishes to my repertoire that don’t just feature casseroles with Velveeta cheese and desserts with Cool Whip.  On Sunday’s Cinco de Mayo fiesta, I proudly unveiled a Rhubarb Tart with Orange Glaze.  Granted, this dessert has nothing to do with the Mexican holiday celebrating an obscure victory over the French in 1862, but everything to do with my assimilation of my Texas and New York identities.  It’s a recipe from Gourmet—a magazine I never knew existed down South since I pretty much only took inspiration from Southern Living.  And the central ingredient is Rhubarb.

“I’ve always been a little distrustful of rhubarb,” Homesicktexan Lisa said when I brought out the tart.  “We never had it in Texas.  I always thought of it as something from the North, too bitter.  But this is good.  Just enough.”

That’s what I love about Tex-Pats—we may be distinctly proud of our Lone Star heritage, but we’re willing to embrace all that’s on offer in the Big Apple, while holding onto that optimistic spirit.

See Rhubarb Tart with Orange Glaze, From Gourmet, April 2009.  My additional tips:

  • Squeeze orange juice and lime juice with a hand juicer—a must in any Mexican-inspired kitchen like my life with Chef
  • Rhubarb—I prefer to slice only the area that is the most red to give the tart color, and make sure to slice thinly to give just hint of the rhubarb so it’s not so tart


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House Beautiful

Today on Alphabet City: Jon Paul reveals the results of a home photo shoot.  Guest Star: Jamie from FromMe-ToYou.Tumblr.Com

This past Sunday my love affair with fellow Texan Jamie continued—this time in full view of Chef.  I’m not sure it’s possible to adore Jamie’s photography any more—except that this stunning  shoot turned our abode into a work of art.  Here are just a few outtakes—please, please, please visit FromMe-ToYou.Tumblr.com to see all of Jamie’s spectacular work.

What are you waiting for? Go right now to FromMe-ToYou.Tumblr.com to see the full shoot.


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Flavor of the Month

Today on Alphabet City: Jon Paul’s book stars in a photo shoot at FromMe-ToYou.com

My new TexBestie (e.g. texan best girlfriend) Jamie, the superb photog-0-blogger of FromMe-ToYou.com fame has nominated Alphabet City: My So-Called Sitcom Life to her Flavor of the Month list.  The reward?  Being photographed Lone Star Style with lots of big hair and Aquanet!  Check out this link and scroll to the bottom—you won’t be disappointed.  And don’t miss my Peek-A-Blog Q&A with Jamie.

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Reviews Are In!

Back in PageSix!

Today on Alphabet City: Jon Paul solicits criticism from his fans.

The reviews are in!  Well, not yet, actually.  That’s where you come in.  Alphabet City: My So-Called Sitcom Life is recruiting “citizen book critics” to post some comments on Lulu and Amazon.  Head on over to those sites and tell the world your thoughts on my journey.  Was there a moment that made you laugh?  Cry?  Something you wish I’d done more of?  Less?  (Semi-unrelated sidebar: currently at #4 on Amazon’s Hot New Release-Gay Memoir list–just above Rita Mae Brown?!)

Email me a link to your post or a copy of your tasty morsel from now through March 17 at nycbucky@gmail.com, and as a thank-you several chosen budding book reviewers will receive Alphabet City ephemera.  Maybe a Mary Tyler Moore DVD.  Or a Tyra “InsideOut” book (unsigned).  Sorry, no Whoopi Oscar available (currently).

And don’t worry.  I can take your criticism.  After the storm of controversy surrounding the Tyra’s Olestra intolerance, I’m pretty hardened.  In the midst of the craziness, Jamie at FromMe-ToYou.Tumblr.com reminded me what Andy Warhol said,

Don’t pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches.

Words to live by, in so many situations.  My ruler is standing by, ready for action.

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Trouble in Tyra-dise

Today on Alphabet City: Jon Paul develops intestinal distress watching his Tyra “revelations”spread like Internet wildfire.

In true Texas tradition, yesterday featured the Good, the Bad and The Ugly.

this pic gets cropped to an iPhone wallpaper!

The GoodVery Good.  Thanks to my interview with fellow Texan blogger Jamie of FromMe-ToYou.Tumblr.Com, this blog had its highest traffic day ever—by almost triple the next nearest one!  There’s something special about that Jamie, her photography and her followers—and I’m delighted they tumblr’d through here.  Ya’ll come back now, ya here?  And ABCitizens, hope you head over to FromMe-ToYou as Jamie morphed me into iPhone wallpaper!

The Bad.  My excitement over Alphabet City: My So-Called Sitcom Life being plugged by Richard Johnson in PageSix quickly turned to shock as I watched the blurb spread across the Internet.  If you’ve read the book, you’ll remember that Richard gave me a break when I was a young, struggling publicist—and when he read the passages about PageSix he reached out to me immediately again and said he’d like to do something.  What he chose about the lessons I learned from Tyra—including Olestra causing intestinal distress was only slightly out-of-context sensational—but again, if you’ve read the book, sort of funny.

Back in PageSix!

Unfortunately, like a game of telephone, each celebrity blogger picked up the PageSix story and reblogged it with their own twist.  I quickly became demonized as some kind of bitter ex-publicist with an axe to grind who had written a “tell-all” book.  Really?  And not just in the US, but around the world.  What’s up with all the gossip sites in India?  And I don’t even want to know what those German bloggers are saying.  Stateside,  Jeannie Jones from a radio station in DC started off her fuming post calling me some “jerk ex-publicist”:

“You know you’ve reached the bottom of the barrel when you decide to expose a celebrity’s intestinal issues in order to sell your book.  According to the NY Post, Tyra’s ex-publicist, Jon Paul Buchmeyer is exposing trivial tid-bits about the model-mogul’s life in order to advance his book sales.”

Wait a minute?  That’s what the Post said?  That I’m “leaking” out info to improve book sales?  Here’s the thing Jeannie and fellow gossipmongers, how about doing some actual reporting by contacting me, get another interesting and useful side of the story?  It’s not too hard—Google my name and you can pretty much be connected to me and the blog instantaneously. Read some sample chapters here about Tyra, see how nice they are!  Better yet, how about asking for a copy of the book?   Kudos to Rob Shuter at Popeater and Melissa Cronin at Star magazine for figuring that out and requesting to actually read the book before reporting.  Shout out to Jezebel for keeping it light as well—adding one of my all time favorite celebrity tabloid lines, “supermodels are just like us!”

I’ll also give some credit to FOX News National they actually went to the blog picked up more tidbits—and switched the story so that Tyra warns ME about fans brandishing teddy bears at book signings.  See how this game of telephone works.  Who cares right, as long as they spell my name right?  Except for some reason, the reporter began spelling my name wrong half way through the posting.  Oh well, at least they linked to my blog.

The Ugly.  What really became a hard to swallow were all the comments people began leaving on the blog posts.  Even further removed from the source—they haven’t read the book or even the original post—they feel compelled to attack me.  One reader on NYMagazine’s blog said I needed to have “my mouth taped shut” and another critiqued my public relations strategy.

None of this should surprise me, really.  After all, I’m a trained publicist and should know how quickly things “spin” out of control.  But the industry has changed dramatically since I stepped my naïve toes into the waters of celebrity publicity.  The Internet was just dawning—I had to clip stories out of the paper by hand.  Today, it was horrifying watching the speed at which my own participation in the gossip beast morphed into something ugly.  To my celebrity publicist friends I take my hat off to you, because your job today is much more complicated and stressful than was my brief time with wonderful folks like Tyra, Whoopi, Teri, Ashley and so many more.

To calm myself down after reading all the blogs and comments, I asked myself, “What would Mary do?”  After all, my TV guardian icon has guided me through some sticky situations.  Sure, she came unglued when her reputation was called into question.  But usually, she’d discuss the situation with Rhoda who would tell her to take it all in stride.  My own Rhoda, Susan, did exactly that.

“What do you care?  Shake it off.  As long as they spell your name right kid!” Susan teased.

In the end, things always worked out for Mary.  And she always had on a cute outfit when they did.  Sounds like I have some shopping to do.

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BizSavvyBlogger’s Peek-A-Blog: From Me To You

Today on Alphabet City: Jon Paul peeks behind the lens of photography blogger (and fellow Texan) Jamie of FromMe-ToYou.tumblr.com

Howdy, and welcome to launch of this occasional series I’m calling “Peek-A- Blog.”

First, a little background.  My Texas roots run deep, and I’ve learned you never know where they might surface under the Big Apple tree.  Case in point: a little over a week ago, Chef sent me a link to a photography blog called From Me To You, excited that it featured pictures of some chili based made from a recipe he distributed at Whole Foods on the Upper West Side.  Frankly, I wasn’t too enthusiastic—how great can some beans and beef look?  But Chef seemed excited, so I thought I should try and be supportive.

When I clicked the link, I was blown away.

Not your typical food blog picture--From Me To You immediately intrigued me

The beautifully saturated and styled photo shoot was not the work of a Julie Powell home cook wannabe.  It was the highly artistic endeavor of a talented photographer.

Jamie makes pouring a can of Whole Foods 365 tomatoes look beautiful!

As I tooled around the captivating site, I discovered it was the work of a fellow Texan, and that meant one thing—we simply had to meet.

A fellow Rose from Texas...who I am dying to meet!

A few days earlier at lunch, my friend Adrianna who writes the hilarious dating blog Techromance had encouraged me to reach out to fellow bloggers that I admire, interview them about their path and development.  As a journalist, I liked the sound of that—a way to keep my interview skills fresh.  But I didn’t know where to begin, until I tumblr-d upon FromMeToYou—a fellow ex-pat Texan is just what the blogger ordered.  A few emails later and we were bonded like sorority sisters with a date to dish over margaritas at our favorite Lone Star spot in NYC—Cowgirl Hall of Fame.

Enjoy the peek!

JPB: The weather was so gross today that I couldn’t risk ruining my cowboy boots. Jamie: That’s fine.  Look at these!  My mom got them for me.  She called one day from Texas and said, “I’m in Dillard’s and these boots are 50% off with an extra 25% off.  They are NEW.  YORK.  BOOTS!”

Macy’s just can’t compete with a good Dillard’s sale, right?  Makes me kind of home sick.  All right, I’m having the Chicken Fried Steak Fingers basket because that was my Grandma Tommie’s favorite thing to order at Dairy Queen.  How about you? The Cornmeal Fried Catfish Fingers.  And a frozen margarita, naturally.

Yummy fried catfish pic courtesy of Jamie/FromMeToYou

Livin' it up in Blogaritaville. Pic courtesy of Jamie/FromMeToYou

How’d you wind up in New York?   Were you like me and wanted to move here since you were a kid? I dreamed of working at Vogue.  Honestly, I would lie in my bed just dreaming of working at Vogue—picture myself walking down the hallways.  I don’t know why because my mother wouldn’t buy any Vogues.  But I just saw myself working there.  I was in love with fashion photography.  The first time I was in New York was when I was 14, and I remember thinking, “I want my pictures up on those billboards!”

Were your parents supportive of your decision to live in Manhattan after studying photography at FIT? They wanted me to move home.  They’d call and say things like, “Why don’t you come back and shoot weddings?”  They didn’t get what I was doing.  With the blog, though, they really are starting to understand.

Do you find that your blog has developed and changed over time? When I started it last May, I used to post just a single image.  But then I decided I want to do longer postings.  I wanted to wake up and do whatever I was into or obsessing about.  And it just seemed like people really started connecting with my work.  My best traffic is usually Tuesday through Thursday—I guess people are bored at work.

You get a lot of reader responses.  Do you enjoy those? The comments are the best part!  They are so motivating.  Sometimes I get “your picture reminds me of childhood,” or “your photographs made me so nostalgic.”  One of my favorite comments is “you’ve inspired me to try photography again.”  I also answer tons of camera questions.  What kind of film.  What kind of exposure.  I really try to respond to each one.

That’s a lot of work! It is.  You know that blogging can take a lot of work.  I spend about 30% of my day working on that day’s blog post.  50% emailing back and forth either comments or questions.  And the rest of the time marketing my blog in different ways.  I twitter a lot to specific markets.  That’s how we connected.  I twittered about my photos from a Whole Foods recipe, and then the company sent along the link to others.  Before I go to bed, I obsess over Google analytics.  New York and California are my biggest states, then Texas, I think because of my family.  Right now, I want more readers in Paris!  I’m obsessed with Paris.

Reading your blog, I realize that unlike me, you don’t expose much of your personal life. For a very good reason.  I would like people to focus on my personal work, not my personal life.  My work is up for discussion, not my life.  But my work is very personal, it reveals a lot about my passion and obsessions and my life.

Like a novelty t-shirt, I put my life out there for all to see; Jamie prefers discretion

How do you come up with the categories on your blog? They all come out of my own life.  “Dinner and a Movie” developed from what was really date night.  I was trying to save money, and cook at home, and watch movies, and at the same time I was interested in photographing food.  So I just decided to marry the two together.  Based upon that, I started reaching out to food stylists and chefs and really working on food photography.

Any new additions coming up? Well, a new feature called “Flavor of the Month” comes out of my obsessions.  Sometimes I get obsessed with something for a while—like grapefruits—and I crave them and eat them everyday.  Then I wake up one day and it’s passed, and I’m on to the next thing.  I thought documenting that would be a great ongoing feature.  Because I only do original content, I was having a hard time finding a way to tell people about all the amazing blogs I am obsessed with.  But if I have a regular feature about my obsessions—I can take those things, photograph them, and make them mine.  That’s what I’m going to do with your book.

Will you promise to make me look as good as those grapefruits you shot? I’m going to surprise you with a real Texas twist.

Jamie took one of the best photos of me in a long time; can't wait to see what she does with the book!

Anything you miss about Texas? The Mexican food, of course.  I will eat it breakfast, lunch and dinner when I’m home.  And I really miss the thrift stores and antique stores.  I’ve gotten some bargains that are so amazing that I won’t tell people where the stores are.  I’m talking a full-length fur coat for $10!

You would fit right in at Vogue.  Will you wear it to our next lunch? No, but maybe to your book launch party!


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