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Destination Taste: South of the Border Ceremonies

Today on Destination Taste: Tips for GayWeddings.com on planning a South of the Border Ceremony.

If the weather outside your locale is as frightful as it is in my New York neighborhood, then now’s the perfect time to start dreaming about and planning your South of the Border nuptials.

This past year, Mexico City legalized same-sex marriage, so here’s my taste-y tip: head to this bustling capital city for a few days for your wedding, and then onto one of the country’s spectacular beaches for a gay honeymoon.

In this post, I’ll provide background on the marriage process and some tips on Mexico City—a spot I visit frequently since it’s the home of my fiancé. In the next post, I’ll reveal inside scoop on the most romantic Mexican beach getaways, perfect for you and your new spouse.

To read all of my taste-y tips for GayWeddings.com CLICK HERE.

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Destination Taste: Vietnam Adventure

Today on Destination Taste: Tips on a Vietnam (gay) Honeymoon Adventure for GayWeddings.com.

Admittedly, I was a little dubious when my fiancé first suggested a quick trip to Vietnam after a stopover in Singapore. An economically developing country still controlled by a central communist party—not known to be a friend to human or gay rights—I wasn’t sure if Vietnam was the right choice for a couple of NYC gay boys. After some research, my fears were allayed by Douglas at gay and gay-friendly tour operator Purple Dragon.

CLICK HERE for my full taste-y tips on a Vietnam Adventure at GayWeddings.com.

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Destination Taste: Singapore Swing

Today on Destination Taste: Tips on your honeymoon Singapore Swing for GayWeddings.com

If you and your new spouse have a taste for the exotic, make sure to include Asia on your gay honeymoon consideration list. While Thailand traditionally earns accolades for openness to gay and lesbian travelers, other countries in the region are opening up and shouldn’t be overlooked. Singapore is a perfect place to recover from jet lag—and your recent nuptials—before heading to other nearby destinations. My fiancé and I recently returned from our own excursion to the island nation—a bustling multi-ethnic city-state filled delicious food, stunning architecture, and horticultural delights. Here are my tastey tips for your gay honeymoon getaway to Singapore.

CLICK HERE to read more of my Singapore Swing tips at Gayweddings.com

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Destination Taste: Wedding Dykes

Today on Destination Taste: Tips on Amsterdam nuptials for GayWeddings.com

On my recent trip to Amsterdam, locals were quick to point out to me that they have one marriage law that applies to gays and straights alike. They are rightfully proud of the fact that Holland is on the cutting edge of marriage equality—for Dutch citizens. Unless you are marrying a permanent resident of the Netherlands, don’t expect to hop the next KLM flight and tie the knot the next day. But with a little planning, there’s no reason you can’t pull off a memorable, and tasteful, gay destination wedding in the city of canals.  Click here for some of my tastey tips for gay-friendly wedding planner, locations like Sofitel’s The Grand, even nightclubs for bachelor/ette parties.

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GayWeddings.com: Amsterdam Emotion.Bread

In my latest post for GayWeddings.com, I uncover a clever addition to your gay (or straight) wedding.  Here’s an excerpt:

Swans mate for life as captured in this emotion.bread

Just like fashion designers are often inspired by overseas travels, my wedding and event planning tips are informed by my tastey gay getaways. Amsterdam was no exception—and no, I’m not talking about the infamous coffee shops and Red Light District. In the revitalizing neighborhood of Westerpark, I met up with artist-chefs-innovators Marjolein Wintjes and Eric Meursing at their De Culinaire Werkplaats, a design studio, restaurant, store and more for food concepts.

CLICK HERE to read more about Marjolein’s concept of making bread the centerpiece of sharing for life’s sweet and savory moments like “always together breads”—for (gay) weddings.

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Destination Taste: Canal Canoodling

Take a break from Mid-Term Election Madness and dream about a land where gay marriage is actually legal—check out my Amsterdam tips in my latest post on GayWeddings.com.

EXCERPT:  Paris and Rome may get all the attention as romantic European honeymoon destinations, but for my money, gay and lesbian love blooms brighter in Amsterdam. The Holland Tourist Board runs a cheeky ad campaign in the US that announces “Everyone’s Gay in Amsterdam”—and they asked me recently if I’d like to verify that claim. Here are some of my tastey tips for your gay honeymoon getaway to the charming city of canals.

CLICK HERE to read more.

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Destination Taste: Subjective Top 12 Gay Honeymoon Spots

Greetings from Singapore where I just finished coordinating (and moderating) Condé Nast Traveler’s 4th Annual World Savers Congress.  This bustling and constantly changing city-state is a must stop over for a Southeast Asian holiday—#5 on My Supremely Subjective List for Destination Wedding on my new column at GayWeddings.com.  Check out what else made the list.  CLICK HERE.

Just a little gay in Singapore's Botanic Gardens

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Frosty Nuptials

Dreaming of a gay white Christmas wedding?  A contest from the folks at Visit Sweden might just make it happen.  Check out my latest column for GayWeddings.com and find out how to make your frosty dreams come true.

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Destination: Taste

Today on Alphabet City: JP taps his globetrotting experience to write a new column for GayWeddings.com.

I promise to tell much more about how I was handpicked to be the travel expert for GayWeddings.com, the leading online gay wedding planning site, but right now I’m busy finding out if “Everyone’s Gay in Amsterdam” and touring Dutch wedding venues.  So here’s a snippet of my first in a series of columns called “Destination: Taste”—that includes great planning advice for even hetero couples.  Click the link below for more.

Whenever my friends get engaged, I’m typically the 7th person they contact with the good news. My name appears on their call sheet sometime after the gushing parents or supportive siblings followed by the (un)lucky chosen ones in the wedding party. Sometime during the lull in our conversation, right after I’ve said, “That’s so wonderful!” I know exactly what’s coming next. The real reason behind the call is the question, “Where we should go on honeymoon?”

Click here to read the full column on GayWeddings.com.

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40, Love: I Can Hear the Bells

Today on Alphabet City: After a recent trip to Mexico City, Jon Paul’s ears are ringing—with wedding bells!

Swingers in Mexico

My trip down the wedding aisle has been a long time coming.  But after a recent trip to Mexico City, and a groundbreaking decision by a Massachusetts federal judge, I suddenly hear the bells drawing nigh.

Nearly nine years ago, I spontaneously popped the question to Chef on the balcony of our Mykonos hotel room balcony as the sun set over the white washed island landscape.  I knew that I needed to spend the rest of my life with a man who could survive my insistence that we move hotels in the middle of the night because my Condé Nasty snobbery couldn’t handle a gay ghetto dump.  We still reminisce about some of the best times of our lives lounging poolside at the comfortably hip Belvedere Hotel (not associated with the Fire Island “legend.”)

But our sitcom life took some funny detours and hit a few mandatory speed bumps that delayed any nuptials.  Before we knew it, ten years had passed as a couple, and I was left wondering why exactly we should go to the trouble (and expense) of getting “officially” married.  To our friends, we are firmly ensconced as a couple—after all, they refer to us as “The JPs.”

“If I do it, I want some kind of rights.  I want it to actually mean something,” I explained last month to my friend Kathryn.

She knows a thing or two about the complicated feelings around gay marriage as the head of GayWeddings.com, the leading online boutique dedicated to providing resources and information to same-sex couples who seek to affirm their life-long partnerships.

“Understandable.  But keep in mind that gay weddings can also be transformative.  And not just for the couple, but for guests at the event.  Sometimes it’s the first time straight people witness up close the love and commitment of a gay couple.  Often they end up becoming advocates for gay marriage rights,” Kathryn explained.

Indeed, the rights associated with gay marriage seem to be on a fast track for approval.  While I’m not sure Judge Tauro’s recent ruling in Boston that DOMA is unconstitutional will stand (it reminds me of my own father’s historic stance striking down Texas’ sodomy statute), it’s an important step for the United States in the right direction.  And I say U.S. for a reason—guess who’s doing it better?  Our South of the Border neighbor, that’s who.

During our recent trip to Mexico’s capital city, I asked an attorney friend what rights I might acquire should I marry Chef in his hometown.

“You can become a Mexican citizen!” he announced with a flourish.

Despite the fact that this is an incredibly progressive stance from a very Catholic country, I wondered what exactly would be gained from becoming a naturalized Chilango (slang for citizen of MX City).  Chef chimed in immediately.

“Skipping the lines at immigration, and buying property on the beach,” he offered.

“I’m not finding those so persuasive,” I replied.  Chef took a deep breath.

“Well, in case there’s a nuclear catastrophe in the States, it’ll be easier for us to come live in Mexico,” he said ominously.

“Sold!” I laughed.

How could I not marry someone with an overactive imagination fed by watching too many Hollywood apocalyptic movies?

It’s not happening any time soon, but a wedding in Mexico sounds like the makings of a very special episode—possibly a transformative one—for two lovable sitcom characters.  Stay tuned.


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