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Boy Toy

Today on Alphabet City: Jon Paul has issues when Chef brings home a talented new friend.

This past weekend, Chef insisted on introducing me to his latest obsession—his newest boy toy, if you will.  At least I knew it was coming.  After all, he had emailed me earlier in the day, asking for my blessing on spending the hundreds of dollars a rendez-vous would cost.  After nearly 10 years together, how could I deny Chef such happiness?  So later that night he marched proudly home and beckoned me to the front door to meet his latest triumph.

“Look at the beauty.  The possibilities are endless.  Wait until you taste the juice,” Chef beamed.

He propped his treasure onto the counter, and immediately gave me a demonstration with carrots and celery.  Chef’s face glowed as the vegetables disappeared inside the Vita Mix 5200, a high-end food preparation appliance.

Chef's Latest Boy Toy, the VitaMix 5200

“Oh, it’s a fancy blender,” I said, wondering how it was different than the blender sitting next to it.

“Blender? It’s much more than that.  I’ve wanted one ever since I worked at Per Se.”

When Chef invokes his intern experience at Thomas Keller’s 5-star foodie paradise, I am rarely persuaded.  That’s how we ended up with one of my least favorite gadgets—an expensive and giant “sous vide” machine for the home cook which took up valuable counter space for months without ever getting used.  The moment I banished it to the back of a kitchen storage area we refer to as the “tiendita,” Chef came unglued.

“I was just about to use that!”

A familiar refrain, having heard similar protests about the sorbet maker that takes up vital freezer space in case we “want to make sorbet on the fly.”  Who does that?

I surveyed the counter, readying my argument that he had to at least get rid of one appliance in order to welcome a new one.  What about the dusty bread-making machine bequeathed to us from the house’s previous owner?  Chef headed me off at the pass.

“One of the great features of the Vita-Mix 5200 is that it can grind grains.  I can make whole wheat flour for bread!”

He had me beat, and I smiled.  Sometimes, Chef is just too cute for words.  I laughed, and left him to spend quality time with his new friend.  Almost everything we ate this past weekend came out creamy and soupy—and with a smile on Chef’s face a mile wide.

I guess a little help from mechanical appliances is what keeps our relationship running smoothly.


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